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HIST327_11 Questions


Topics/collections already approved -- Remember that only one person can work on a given topic/person. [Don't add your own topic here. I'll add the topic after I've approved it. -- Dr. M]

Clare -- Kate Dunlap Diary (online project)
Pam -- Judith Sargent Murray writings
Grace -- Mercy Otis Warren's writings
Sara -- Angelina Grimke's letters/speeches
Katie -- Frances Willard's Diaries
Kayle -- Catherine Beecher's materials
Heather -- Lydia Maria Child's American Frugal Housewife
Rebecca -- Louisa May Alcott's Hospital Sketches, My Contraband, and other writings
Matt -- Annie Denton Cridge's Man's Rights
Jennifer -- Women in CW Wisconsin (via several primary sources)
Catherine K.-- Belle Edmondson's diary
Ellen -- Eliza Wilkinson's letters in the Revolutionary War
Mary Beth -- Rose O'Neal Greenhow
Emma -- Abigail Adams's letters with John from a single year
Aqsa--Emma Florence LeConte diary
Remy -- Catherine Sedgwick's letters
Nicole -- (Anna Holstein)'s memoir Three Years in Field Hospitals of the Army of the Potomac
Stef -- Documents related to Prudence Crandall
Michelle -- African American slave narrative
Ashley -- Memoirs of Mrs. Abigail Bailey

In discussion:
Heather -- Ballard Diary?
Rachel T. -- Margaret Fuller's writings??
Hannah -- Maria Mitchell's papers?