HIST 327-2009

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This is the space for the Fall 2009 Section of HIST 327 -- US Women's History to 1870

Reading Questions/Comments--327_09


Topics/collections already approved -- Remember that only one person can work on a given topic/person. [Don't add your own topic here. I'll add the topic after I've approved it. -- Dr. M]

Sojourner Truth (using primary sources written by and about her) -- Amy
Mary Jemison (based on the account of her life) -- Marsha
Confederate Spies/soldiers (Velazquez)-- Megan M.
Eliza Lucas Pinckney (through her letterbook) -- Alex
Abigail Adams (based on many letters) -- Will
Sarah Morgan -- Allison L.
Margaret Morris -- LeAnn
Sarah Emma Edmonds -- Emma
Confederate Nurses (through diaries) -- Taylor
Dolley Madison (through her letters)--Katelyn
Hannah Valentine and Lethe Jackson--John
Mary Rowlandson (through her autobiography) -- Elyse
Lowell Women -- Allison G.
Oregon trail diaries of Mary Walker and Myra Eells -- Megan W.
Mercy Otis Warren (using her letters and speeches)--Christine
Mary Ames -- Erin S.
Narcissa Whitman -- Erin B.
Rose O'Neal Greenhow --Kristina
Catharine Beecher (through her writings) -- Nancy
Harriet Tubman--Melissa
Fanny Kemble's Diary--Seth

Topics still in negotiation (in other words, we're still working out the details).

Louisa May Alcott -- Shannon
Sally Franklin/Anne Bradstreet--Mary